Recruitment can be a long, stressful and time consuming process, which most people try to avoid until it is really essential. With many years in the recruitment industry we have found that much of this stress can be avoided and time can be utilised more economically, if the process is approached and completed in the correct way. For example when we are instructed to recruit for an organisation, we take the time and effort to speak directly to the hiring manager (where possible) and understand why the role has arisen, where it fits into the organisation and exactly the sort of person that they are looking for. We then review the job specification, have an initial look at the market and come back with any questions we think will arise. This then assists us greatly in identifying the right candidate and being able to brief them fully and comprehensively – it also helps to minimise wasted time looking at candidates that aren’t a good fit.

We really appreciate the value of communication at Launch IT Recruitment. After initiating the search and selection process we provide regular updates to the client, and where possible in return we pass feedback on to the candidate. Recruitment tends to work much better when it is a transparent process; therefore we try to keep all parties up to date at all times.